BUC International Corp. has been providing the marine industry with quality products and services for 62 years. We began by publishing the BUC Used Boat Price Guides in 1961 with only 5,000 entries. Today, the 'BUC Books' are the industry standard, containing values for over 700,000 used boats.

In 1985, we introduced BUCNET® , a worldwide multiple listing service for yacht brokers and boat dealers. BUCNET has evolved over the years and today provides our members with real-time information on the availability, location and pricing of new and used boats and yachts for sale or charter anywhere in the world, using the latest technology and high-speed Internet connections.
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BUCNET.com was designed on behalf of our members to serve individuals who are interested in buying, selling or chartering a boat or yacht. It is the only professional marine website offering thousands of boats and yachts guaranteed for sale or charter.

Individual boat buyers and sellers and those interested in chartering can view details of all the boats listed on the BUC multiple listing service and choose one of our professional boat dealer or yacht broker members to help with the transaction. With thousands of additions and changes each month, BUCNET.com is a valuable resource for those planning to buy, sell or charter a boat or yacht.

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